Pricing that scales with your business

Whether you're a fast growing unicorn or an established enterprise, we have a plan for you. Reduce cost-per-hire by up to 55% and see a return on investment in months, not years.


FairScreen pricing




£25,000 / year*

$30,000 / year*

  • 1,000 - 5,000 employees
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£45,000 / year*

$60,000 / year*

  • 5,000-10,000 employees
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Enterprise XL


£65,000 / year*

$90,000 / year*

  • 10,000+ employees
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Pilot programs from £10,000*

Pilot programs from $15,000*

Evaluate FairScreen thoroughly with full use of our platform in one region for a limited time. Take the cost of the pilot off your contract if you continue with Headstart. 

* Prices are per business unit or deployed country/market.

Headstart ATS pricing

FairScreen works alongside your ATS, but you can use the full Headstart system to manage candidates from apply to hire. Get in touch to request a quote.

Included with every plan

Personalized onboarding and implementation support
A dedicated Customer Success Manager and technical support
Ability to create unlimited roles and receive unlimited applications

Get the ball rolling

Interested in learning more? Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you why busy recruiting teams choose Headstart to hire faster and fairer.

Our customers see improved diversity and business outcomes, including: 

✔️  55% reduction in cost-per-hire
✔️  82% pipeline automation
✔️  2.5 point increase in ethnic minority hiring
✔️  5 point increase in female hiring
✔️  91% application completion rates